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Artist: Sarah F Janavicius

Title: Paschal Candles


The 2018 paschal candle decorations for the Holy Cross and SS Philip and James parishes were designed and painted by myself, Sarah F Janavicius, the Holy Cross Artist in residence.


The artwork design was a challenging, meticulous and time-consuming project to manage, requiring much patience, experimentation and dedication.  The initial prototype was inspired by ‘Resurrection’ also by Sarah F Janavicius, a painting, permanently exhibited at the Holy Cross visitors centre, though modified and elaborated in detail to meet the requirements of the proposed undertaking.


I decided to imbue the final ‘outline’ in full-colour and symbolism representational of the paschal theme, as follows:


• Firstly it was painted in mixed-media and porcelain paints in a modified style inspired by Moorcroft Ceramics and traditional stained glass.


• A semicircle at the foot of the paschal candle depicts the hill of Calvary and is also symbolic of ‘the world’.  It is littered with decoupage spring flowers, representing new life.


• Situated below the hemicycle are 3 wavy bands, in greens and gold, blues and silver and tertiary colours and copper, indicative of the earth, water and vegetation.



2018 Paschal Candles

• The Greek alphabetical symbols Alpha and Omega, also in decoupage represent the title of Christ and God in the Book of Revelation and the beginning and the end, (Revelation 21:6, 22:13).


• The year 2018 reminds us that Jesus is king of all time, and that He is with us always.


• The Cross of Christ, as the symbol of Christianity, signifies that this is the paschal candle, and that it is all about Jesus.


I used a ‘stained glass’ effect with a black outline and portrayed 12 colours, inclusive of the primary, secondary and tertiary colours, to signify wholeness.  The figure of Christ is painted in gold and with a gold outline.  The star radiating out, and joining up at the back of the paschal candle represents the resurrection of Christ.


Artist: Sarah F Janavicius

Title: Winter Solstice, Flock of Birds

Media: Mixed Media Textural Collage

Size: 96cm (w) x 76cm (h)


Bespoke Media