BA (Hons) Fine Art & MA Fine Art

Some examples of given workshops below:

Watercolour Painting Workshop For Beginners

Paint from a still-life, influenced by a Henri Matisse composition.

All drawing done in advance (in other-words you don't need to know how to draw)!

Come and learn painting techniques, as follows:~

Foreground, middle ground and background, wet-in-wet,

wet on dry, colour glazing and wax resist, plus more...

Hand-out material will be given covering all techniques.



Winter Landscape Composition - Textural Collage Workshop

Subject will be Black, White and Silver Winter Landscape Composition, in Textural Collage.  Also designed to be made into a professional Christmas card.  Demonstrations given to cover all painting techniques.

All materials will be provided, including sized mount board, Silver leaf, shiney and glitter papers, lace, wool, sequins, mixed-media paints, tracing paper, etc.



Creative Mandala Workshop

Choose a mandala design from a given selection to help you to work through any imbalances and guide you towards self-knowledge. Think about ideas towards which areas you may choose to work with. Then create and work with a Mandala that represents your universe. Thus giving you a healthy starting point for self-exploration. Plenty of examples will be given and demonstrated throughout the day on this fascinating subject: Mandala's.



Spectrum Coloured Painting Workshop

Explore painting with the full spectrum range of colours and  work with reference imagery in unison with your energy chakra colours   This way of painting acts as a mirror to the sub-conscious mind to harmonize and balance.







Bespoke Media